The go-to app for all your manga reading needs.
Did we mention that it's free? Yeah seriously.
Never run out of manga to read
100K+ manga from 25+ sources in multiple languages. Get recommendation on manga that you WILL like but never knew existed!
The Best Manga Viewer. Ever.
Buttery-smooth page turning, blazing-fast loading, and customize-all-you-want? Yes!
Bye-bye expensive 3G, 4G
No more waiting for your manga to load. Just download when you're on Wi-Fi, and enjoy on the bus. Or the back seat of the car. Or in the woods! Wherever you may be.
And say hi to MAGIC
Imagine you start an awesome new chapter on your shiny iPad. Then you had to get on the bus & pick up the next page seamlessly on your Android phone.

No, it's not MAGIC. It's called Manga Rock Cloud.
this is the best time-waster ever - hieu tran
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