Gender: Male
    Other names: CHEHN Henson; SHONEN-san; Henson Chenh
    Shonen has not received formal training in drawing, he learned independently. Holder of a IUT in Mechanical Engineering and a degree in computer science, the destinaient his qualifications to practice in an industrial rather than artistic. It was at 22 years that he felt the need to relate its work and improve. Many artists his age have already acquired an advanced technique, but Shonen blames it on his starting drawing so late. As a first step he specializes in the design but now as to the creation of oriented Manga. He uses various media in his work, such as the pencil and the pen for the inking and computer support for all aspects colorization. The influences in his work are quite mixed with a dominant style of the authors' Manga. He admires artists like Craig Mullins, Barontieri, Auguy and Ashley Wood, but also many mangaka such as Oh! Great, Miura Kentaro ...
    Shonen is currently working on the manga "Project BB" in collaboration with his screenwriter friend Kaze to SHOGUN editions (the Humanoïdes Associates), but it now wishes to invest in a more personal creation. He also working on the manga "Omega Complex"
    with IZU.