Jerzy Szyłak
    Jerzy Szyłak
    Birth Place: Elblag, Poland
    Birthday: Nov 8, 1960
    Jerzy Szyłak is a Polish literary critic , film expert and writer of comic .

    Author of numerous articles and books on the history and theory of comics - thesis, PhD (supervisor Anna Martuszewska ) and habilitation on the comic.

    Graduate and researcher at the University of Gdańsk (Department of Drama, Theater and Film Studies at the Institute of Polish). He also worked at the Institute of Pedagogy and the Language of the State Higher Vocational School in Elblag.

    Screenwriter comic book, including Fantasy on pipe (produced by Mark Górnisiewicz ), Vampire (Fig. Aleksandra Czubek), Lipstick (Fig. Joanna Karpowicz ) Braces (Fig. Wojciech Stefaniec ), Benek Dampc and corpse neighbor (Fig. Robert Służały ) citizen in urgent need (Fig. Jacek Michalski), too long autumn (Fig. Sławomir Jezierski), shirt (Fig. Rafał Gosieniecki), confessions of a moneychanger (Fig. Mateusz Skutnik ). From his hand also came Alice (Fig. Mateusz Skutnik) - based on the comic book Alice in Wonderland . After the success of Alice also appeared in the second part of Alice Through the Looking Glass (Fig. Jarosław Gach). Apparently in the preparation of the third part of the cycle.

    In the past he also drew his comics, eg. A series of Docent , first appearing in the mid-80s in Gdansk weekly socio-cultural " Time " or surreal jednoplanszówki, published in the second half of the 80s in the publications of Gdansk Science Fiction Club .