Michał Śledziński
    Michał Śledziński
    Alternate names: Michael "herring" Śledziński
    Birth Place: Bydgoszcz, Poland
    Birthday: Jul 31, 1978
    Website: http://www.sledziu.pl/
    Michał Śledziński is a Polish cartoonist and creator of the comic book .

    Co-founder and chief editor of the comic magazine product , P Lux and zine Asbestos ; author of the comic book series Housing Freedom . In 2006, the publishing house Mandragora decided to resume a series of comic Commissioner Żbiku (this time as the main experience was the grandson of the famous Commissioner, Captain Michał Żbik ). Śledziński was invited to draw the whole series, but the collaboration ended after the first issue Fri. Who is the "White Gull"? . Since December 2006, the Internet creates a comic parody of the game Gears of War Fri. "Bears of War." In 2008 he started a new comic series called Family Values , issued effort of Culture of Wrath , the first issue titled Not everyone is happy released in December 2008.