Pol Medina Jr.
    Pol Medina Jr.
    Birthday: Apr 6, 1960
    Given name: Apolonio "Pol" Medina Jr.
    Website: http://www.pmjunior.com.ph/
    Apolonio "Pol" Medina, Jr. is a Filipino cartoonist best known for creating Pugad Baboy, a black-and-white comic strip first published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer on May 18, 1988.

    Pol Medina graduated from the University of Santo Tomas in 1983 with a degree in architecture. In 1985, a year after securing his professional license, he went to Iraq at the height of the Iran–Iraq War to work for an Italian construction company. It was at this juncture that he experienced "the most maddening" two years of his life.

    In 1986, he started scripting and drawing characters for a new cartoon about a community of fatsos and a dog named Polgas. In 1987, he worked as an architect for a firm in San Juan, Metro Manila.

    In September 1992, he co-founded Pugad Baboy, Inc. with seven other people. The company adopted Ad Astra Per Aspera for its motto, inspired by Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. Three years later, the company folded when Pol Medina left in order pursue a career in the advertising industry. Currently he has another company, Pol Medina Jr. Novelties, dedicated to merchandise based on the strip, including compilations.

    To date, Pol Medina has three children with his wife Susan: Maia Cecilia, Eladio Jose and Pablo Jose.