Shunya Yamashita
    Shunya Yamashita
    Birthday: Nov 15, 1970
    Family name: 山下
    Given name: しゅんや
    Shunya Yamashita is a professional illustrator and character designer. He is most known for his video game character designs and pin-up style drawings of women, several of which have been used as the basis for a series of figurines.

    In 2000, Shunya worked at Square Enix as a character designer for Final Fantasy X as an NPC and weapons designer. He later worked as a character designer on the online game Depth Fantasia, and was an event illustrator for the game Phantom Kingdom. He also worked on the other titles such as Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria and Xanadu: Next. He is also working with various toy companies to release a line-up of PVC figures, garage kits and statues based on his character designs.