Takeshi Miyazawa
    Takeshi Miyazawa
    Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
    Birthday: 1978
    Name: 宮沢武史
    Website: http://www.takeshimiyazawa.com/
    Gender: Male

    Takeshi Miyazawa is a second generation Japanese immigrant, and he grew up reading Japanese manga. When he was at an art school in 1998, Miyazawa published a short story in a comic anthology titled Love in Tights, from an indie publisher SLG. In 2000, he started his career as a professional comic artist with Sidekicks (with writer J.Torres), based on his debut work and published by Fanboy-Entertainment, a comic publisher one of his friends, C.B. Cebulski, launched.

    In 2004, Cebulski moved to Marvel Comics to be an editor and Miyazawa also started working with them. His first work with Marvel, depicting the high school life of Spiderman's girlfriend Mary Jane, became a fan favorite and made Miyazawa a popular artist. He moved to Japan in 2007. He drew Lost Planet in 2010, a spin-off comic from a video game produced by Dengeki Games (ASCII MEDIA WORKS) while he continues to work with the comics and game industry in the US.