Alternate names: Bryan Gurihiru, Chifuyu Sasaki, Gurihiru Studios, Naoko Kawano
    Birth Place: Hokkaido, Japan
    Birthday: Unknown
    Gender: Female

    "Gurihiru" should be considered as a team name. Sasaki (Chifuyu Sasaki) is in charge of pencil and ink. Kawano (Naoko Kawano) is in charge as a colorist. They are both female comic artist and character designers living in Japan.

    Although comic & manga creations are centered mainly in the United States, Gurihiru also illustrates character designs for games and animations in Japan.

    Among the team's major affiliates is Marvel Worldwide, Inc., having worked on popular American comic book franchises such as Thor, Captain America, and Wolverine.

    More recently, Gurihiru has come together with Nickelodeon & Dark Horse Comics to continue the story of Avatar: The Last Airbender in graphic novel format, a collaborative effort that has spawned four trilogies: Avatar: The Promise, Avatar: The Search, Avatar: The Rift, and Avatar: Smoke and Shadow - and many more to be established in the future.

    Before these, Gurihiru also colored Avatar comics for Nickelodeon Magazine and Nickelodeon Comics Club that have since been compiled in Avatar: The Lost Adventures, along with one Free Comic Book Day addition.