Sato Shio
    Sato Shio
    Alternate names: 砂糖塩, SATO Chiyoko, SATOH Shio, SATOU Shio, Sugar Salt
    Birth Place: Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
    Birthday: Unknown
    Given name: 佐藤史生
    Gender: Female

    Shio Satō was a Japanese manga artist born on 1956-12-06 in Tome, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. She was a member of the Post Year 24 Group, a group of female manga artists considered influential in the development of shōjo manga. Satō made her professional debut in 1977 with the publication of Koi wa Ajinomono!? in Bessatsu Shōjo Comic. Her definitive works include Yumemiru Wakusei and One Zero. While she was not as prolific as some other manga artists, Satō's works are considered more literary and thought-provoking than most mainstream manga. Her short story The Changeling, in addition to being published in Four Shōjo Stories, was serialised in Animerica.

    Satō also wrote under the pen name Sugar Salt (砂糖 塩)

    Died in a hospice in Kiyose City, Tokyo, on April 4, 2010, due to a brain tumor from metastasized breast cancer.