Yla Okudaira
    Yla Okudaira
    Associated Names: 今井栄一, Imai Eichi
    Birthday: September 7, 1956
    Name (in native language): いまい漫画会社
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yla_ok
    Website: http://www.yla-tech.com/

    Gender: Male

    Zodiac: Virgo

    Okudaira is an art director/cartoonist/musician. In 1979 he made his debut with “Modern Lovers” in a cartoon magazine Garo, and started his career as an illustrator as well as musician. He established “Ayakane Japonesu” in 1982, and two years later put together a band, “Iramago”, with the release of “TYO Rock.” In 1985, he took a job as a writer/editor/art director of BAKF on Takarajima Magazine. As a founder of Yla-tech Co., Ltd., he currently works as an art director for Tezuka Osamu Museum, Fujitsu’s TEO, etc.