Park Judith
    Park Judith
    Associated Names: Judith Park
    Birth Place: Duisburg, Germany
    Birthday: May 19, 1984
    Name (in native language): 박유딧
    Zodiac: Taurus
    Gender: Female
    A German artist of Korean origins. Debuted in 2004 with "Dystopia" series published by Carlsen Comics. She has three elder sisters (Te-Shiem, Yoon-Sook, Hyun-Sook) and one elder brother (Jae-Han). Her favourite musicians are Bryan Adams, Hans Zimmer and some Game-OST. She started drawing when she was six years old but it were disney-figures. With 13 she started to draw manga. She plays the piano and the violine. She likes to play badminton and she speaks no Korean. Her favourite manga are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Video Girl Ai. In the past she read Oh! My Goddess.