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Kei Yuzuki

Kei Yuzuki

Associated Names: YUDUKI Kei, YUDZUKI Kei
Birthplace: Aichi prefecture, Japan
DOB: Feb 06
Email: yudukiworks@live.jp
Family name: 雪月
Given name: 佳
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yudukikei
Website: http://yudukiworks.wixsite.com/yudukikei
Zodiac: Aquarius

Yuzuki Kei is a cartoonist from Aichi prefecture. Currently working as a freelance illustrator through 2DCG graphic at one company. Based on painting, he performs character design on the theme of "cute & cool". His current dream is to live with a cat. He likes an unprecedented cat. His favorite food is mainly meat. His hobby is collecting figures and goods. Work environment: Adobe Photoshop CS & Illustrator / SAI.


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