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Ryo Sumiyoshi

Ryo Sumiyoshi

Other names: Suzuri Ryou
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimbacomic_
Website: http://matogrosso.jp/

Born in Tohoku, grew up in Kanto, currently resides in Nara.

After graduating from Game Graphic College in 2007, got a job with Capcom Co., Ltd., where has been responsible mainly for modelling as a 3D modeler.

Worked on the following projects:

Monster Hunter 3 - participated in designing certain NPC, weapons, and armor;

Monster Hunter 4 - responsible for new monster design and 3D modelling;

Monster Hunter X - charged with overall supervision related to all new designs, modelling, and monsters.

Went freelance in 2015.

Currently drawing illustrations and manga, mainly for solo and group exhibitions.