Yumi Tamura
    Yumi Tamura
    Birthday: Sep 5
    Gender: Female

    Yumi Tamura is a Japanese manga artist. Her debut short story, Ore-tachi no Zettai Jikan ("This is the Time for Us"), was published in 1983 in Bessatsu Shōjo Comic and received the 1983 Shogakukan Grand Prize for new artists. Since then, she has completed more than 50 compiled volumes of short stories and continuing series. Popular works such as Tomoe ga Yuku! ("There goes Tomoe") exemplify her work, but she made her reputation with the long-running shōjo action/adventure series Basara, for which she won the 1993 Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo manga. Her latest series, 7 Seeds, for which she won a second Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo manga in 2003, is currently running in the anthology magazine Flowers in Japan. Chicago was her first series to be published in North America.

    In addition to manga, she has published four novels with illustrations by herself, as well as doing character designs for Square's Super Famicom RPG Live A Live's Science Fiction chapter, "Mechanical Heart."


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