Tsutsui Yasutaka
    Tsutsui Yasutaka
    Birthday: Sep 24, 1934
    Family name: 筒井
    Given name: 康隆
    Website: http://www.jali.or.jp/tti/
    Blood Type: B
    Zodiac: Libra

    Born in Osaka, Tsutsui, along with Shinichi Hoshi and Sakyo Komatsu, is one of the most famous science fiction writers in Japan. 

    His 'Yumenokizaka bunkiten' won the Tanizaki Prize in 1987. He has also won the 1981 Izumi Kyoka award, the 1989 Kawabata Yasunari award, and the 1992 Japan SF award. In 1997, he was decorated as a Chevalier Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French government.

    His work is known for its dark humour and satirical content. He has often satirized Japanese taboos such as disabilities and the Tenno system, and has been victim to much criticism as a result. 

    From 1993 to 1996, he went on a writing-strike to protest the excessive, self-imposed restraint of Japanese publishers.