Moe Yukimaru
    Moe Yukimaru
    Alternate names: 雪丸萌
    Birth Place: Ibaraki-ken, Japan
    Birthday: Feb 18, 1986
    Blood Type: B
    Family name: 雪丸
    Favourite words: "Mata ne" (see you)
    Future Dreams: To become a mangaka and a charismatic housewife
    Gender: Female
    Given name: もえ
    Hobbies: Drawing manga, playing the guitar
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    Yukimura Moe's hobbies are playing the guitar and drawing manga. She really likes to drink water and her favourite word is "Mata ne" (See you). She likes Ebi and her dream for the future is to become a mangaka and a charismatic housewife!

    She has been reading Ribon magazine since elementary school. She published a second oneshot in the Ribon mini magazine. That was a supplement in the Ribon magazine. That manga was named 'Harumachi Platform'!