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Takehiko Inoue

Takehiko Inoue

Birthday: Jan 12, 1967
Family name: 井上
Given name: 雄彦
Twitter: https://twitter.com/inouetake
Website: http://www.itplanning.co.jp/
Gender: Male
Blood type: B
Zodiac: Capricorn

Inoue Takehiko first started playing basketball in high school as a means to winning attention from the opposite sex. After being immersed in the competitive sport, he became a huge basketball fan. His love for the sport can be easily seen both from his choice in using it as a central theme in his works, as well as the unmistakable ability in capturing the details of it all.

He was once the assistant of Hojo Tsukasa.

Itakura Yuuichi was his own assistant once.

He was the artist for the X360 RPG "Lost Odyssey".


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