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Maki Kusumoto
Maki Kusumoto
Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Birthday: July 15, 1967
Family name: 楠本
Given name: まき
Twitter: https://twitter.com/makikusumoto
Website: http://www.makikusumoto.jp/

Zodiac: Cancer

Gender: Female

Debut with "Oki ni mesu mama" in 1984 on Shuukan Margaret. 

Born in 1967. Made a debut at "Weekly Margaret" - one of the most popular Japanese comic magazines- in 1984. Maki Kusumoto studied philosophy at the Ochanomizu University in Tokyo. She is well known in Japan for her exquisite art work and extraordinary stories and style. 

Her comics are described by the words "decadent", "poetic", "gothic" etc. Since her early best-selling comics "Kissxxxx", she has always been at the cutting edge of the Japanese manga culture. 

Her books are also noted for their superb binding. Maki Kusumoto lives in London.