Atsushi Kamijou
    Atsushi Kamijou
    Birthday: Mar 12, 1963
    Gender: Male
    He made his debut in 1983. He becomes a major comic artist suddenly by "To-y" in 1985. In addition to comics, draw an advertisement of male cosmetics and an illustration of a CD jacket. The drawn line which is simple, and is delicate, a pattern with a static clean feeling are features. As for the style, the later half of 80's gave a strong effect to a lot of young comic artists to date.

    There are writers spirited such as Katsutoshi Kawai, Hidehisa Masaki, Makoto Ito, and Toru Terada, among people who acted as his assistant in the past.

    He has a deep friendship with Hiroyuki Asada and Shou Tashima.