Botan Yamada
    Botan Yamada
    Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: 山田
    Given name: ぼたん
    Doujinshi Circle: Southern*Emperor
    Alias: Southern Emperor

    Botan Yamada-sensei works as a BL artist and does artwork for Digital Manga Publishing in the U.S. including the 801-chan comics in the back of their 801 Media books.

    The name "Botan" in Botan Yamada's pen name comes from the Japanese comedian, Botan Nakata.

    She would have chosen to be a school teacher, if not she became a yaoi and shojo author.

    Her favorite movie is Spiderman, her favorite drink is coffee and she can't live without it. Her favorite dishes are udon and sukiyaki and her family, cat, and beauty sleep are some of her favorite things. Oh yeah, and Botan Yamada hates bugs... all of them!