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Marley Caribu
Marley Caribu
Alternate names: Garon Tsuchiya, 土屋 ガロン, カリブ・マーレィ, marginal, Yuuhou Hijikata, ひじかた 憂峰, Dark Master, ダークマスター, Tsubakiy
Birthday: 1947
Family name: 狩撫
Given name: 麻礼
Website: http://caribumarley.web.fc2.com/
Associated names:
- Marley Caribu (狩撫麻礼, カリブ・マーレィ)
- marginal
- Hijikata Yuuhou (ひじかた憂峰)
- Dark Master (ダークマスター)
- Tsubakiya no Minamoto (椿屋の源)

Tsuchiya Garon, born 1947 in Tokyol, started his mangaka career in 1979.

In 1986, completed his first major works in collaboration with Makata Akyo, in Ahomansu and Meisouou Boodaa. Afterwards, Tsuchiya collaborated with draftsman Kawaguchi Kaiji for the title, Tokishozo Disturbs and Losses. In 1992-1993 he collaborated with Taniguchi Jirou for the manga Blue Fighter, Knuckle Wars and Live! Odyssey.

He also collaborated with Imashiro Takashi for the manga Takopon. He has collaborated with mangaka Minegishi Nobuaki for the manga Oldboy which the 2003 film, Oldboy directed by Park Chan-Wook is based on. Tsuchiya is currently working on a new series entitled Saniwa.