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Tetsuo Hara

Tetsuo Hara

Alternate names: はらてつお
Birth Place: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Birthday: Sep 2, 1961
Family name: 原
Given name: 哲夫
Website: http://www.haratetsuo.com/index.php
Gender: Male
Blood Type: A
Zodiac: Virgo

After graduating from Hongou Senior High School, he became an assistant to comic book artist Yoshihiro Takahashi.
Hara's own professional comic artist career began in 1982 with the publication of his first work, "Mad Fighter". He won the first prize of the 33rd "Fresh Jump" award for "Super Challenger". His Weekly Shonen Jump debut was "Iron Don Quixote". His distinctive art in "Hokuto no Ken" began in 1983; it was his first major work.

Worked titles:
- Tetsu no Don Quichote (1982-1983), 2 volumes.
- Hokuto no Ken (1983-1988), 27 volumes, scenario by Buronson.
- Cyber Blue (1988-1989), 4 volumes, from BOB, scenario by Rûichi Mitsui.
- Hana no Keiji (1990-1993), 18 volumes, from Keiichirô Ryû, scenario by Mio Asô.
- Kagemusha Tokugawa Ieyasu (1994-1995), 6 volumes, from Keiichirô Ryû, scenario by Shô Aikawa.
- Takeki Ryûsei (1995), 3 volumes.
- SAKON Sengoku Fûroku (1997-2000), 6 volumes, from Keiichirô Ryû, scenario by Shingo Nihashi.
- Hyudora (1997-1998), 1 volume, scenario by Tadashi Ikuta.
- Kôken Ryoku o Ryôsôsakan Nakabô Rintarô (1998-2000), 2 volumes, supervised by Makoto Sakata.
- Aterui Nisei (2000), 1 volume, scenario by Katsuhiko Takahashi.
- Sôten no Ken (2001-?), supervised by Buronson. 11 volumes on january 2005.


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