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You Higuri
You Higuri
Birthday: Oct 16
Gender: Female
Other names: Kirendou
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wimaro2
Website: http://www.diana.dti.ne.jp/~higuri/

Circle(s): Kirendou

Many of her stories are shojo manga that draw on tales of historical or fantasy Europe, with swords and magic and dragons and men in tights. Along these lines, almost all of her stories involve themes of Boys' Love.

She did the character designs for SPRAY's PS2 Boys' Love dating simulation game, Gakuen Heaven, which she also made many yaoi manga and doujinshi after.

She is an only child. Her professional debut was in 1993.

Comic artists who influenced her work include Tezuka Osamu, Miyazaki Hayao, and the Showa 24 generation of women manga artists led by Hagio Moto who created girls' comics in the 1970s.

Higuri-sensei currently lives in Takarazuka City near Osaka.