Hinako Takanaga
    Hinako Takanaga
    Alternate names: ANAGURANZ; Таканага Хинако
    Birth Place: Aichi, Japan
    Birthday: September 16, 1972
    Blog: http://anaguranz.blog95.fc2.com/
    Blood type: O
    Doujin circle: ANAGURANZ
    Family name: 高永
    Gender: Female
    Given name: ひなこ
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/tkhina
    Website: http://anaguranz.com/
    Zodiac: Virgo
    Hinako Takanaga debuted in 1995 with Goukaku Kigan and has published more than 20 manga, illustrated more than 10 novels and has had many of her works adapted into drama CDs. When not making Boys Love manga, she spends her time collecting Wallace & Gromit merchandise and playing Final Fantasy. Takanaga-sensei doesn’t like beer and people who are ignorant, but she is looking forward to meeting her fans from all over the world!
    She comments that her biggest influence on her art and writing-style was Yun Kouga, a famous shoujo artist whose works she read as a teenager. Other influences include Range Murata and Suzue Miuchi.