Alternate names: 福家 亮平, Ryouhei Fuke
    Birthday: Apr 21, 1981
    DeviantART: @ryoheihuke
    Family name: huke
    Twitter: @hukeweb
    pixiv: #9794
    Gender: Male
    Birth name: Ryouhei Fuke (福家 亮平)
    Blood type: B-
    Current residence: Tokyo

    huke is a Japanese illustrator who is best known for creating the original character Black★Rock Shooter and working with the Japanese music group supercell. His career as a professional illustrator began when he was involved as a character designer at a game company. He eventually resigned and became freelance, creating original concepts from his experience as a professional. huke soon became involved in certain illustrations based on the game Metal Gear Solid, and to enable and identify himself over the internet, he registered on Pixiv and created a personal blog. On December 2007, he submitted an illustration of Black★Rock Shooter. This inspired ryo, the leader of supercell, and a song became the product of the band's first contact with Black★Rock Shooter. Aside from Black★Rock Shooter, huke also worked on the visual novel Steins;Gate, which was produced by 5pb. and Nitroplus.