Andy Seto
    Andy Seto
    Birthday: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Other Names: Andy Seto Kim Kiu, Seto Kim Kiu

    Andy Seto has worked in comics for nearly 20 years. In 1989, he joined Freeman Publications Limited, and created Sword Kill followed by the famous Gambling Saint. During 1993, He made his first big series Cyber Weapons Z with writer Chris Lau. It was later adapted into an animation series.

    Upon its creation, he became the star of the comics world in Hong Kong. Fast forward a few years, in 1997, he served as illustrator for Story of the Tao, which was originally a novel. Then he went to establish his own company - Neo Company Limited. Over the following couple of years Seto and Neo Company Limited acquired the copyrights to illustrate The King of Fighters Z, and Saint Legend, both of which were well received. 

    Seto has always been inspired by Japanese manga writer and 'Venus War' and 'Orion' creator Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. 

    In 2002 Seto took on the challenge of producing the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon series adapted from Ang Lee's movie. In 2003 Andy Seto has adapted in a full colour 128-page graphic novel the multi-award winner Soccer - Kung Fu flick Shaolin Soccer by Stephen Chow Sing-chi.


    -Sword Kill 

    -Gambling Saint

    -Cyber Weapons Z 

    -Story of the Tao

    -The King of Fighters Z

    -Saint Legend

    -Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 

    -Shaolin Soccer