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Ayano Yamane

Ayano Yamane

Alternate names: 山根绫乃, 湘北体育用具室, GUN MANIA, Shouhoku Taiiku Yougushitsu
Birth Place: Awazi Island, Hyougo Prefecture, Japan
Birthday: Dec 18, 1977
Family name: やまね
Given name: あやの
Twitter: http://twitter.com/yamaneayano
Website: http://yamaneayano.com/
Gender: Female
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Blood Type: A
Occupation: Mangaka, illustrator
Birthplace: Awazi Island, Hyougo Prefecture, Japan
Residence: Osaka, Japan
Family: Parents, younger brother, dog
Height: 161cm - 5'4"
Eyesight: Bad
Special Skills: Drawing
Hobbies: Drawing/Painting, Manga, Game, Travel
Favorite Foods: Karaage, Cheese, Chinese, Tempura
Disliked Foods: Cilantro, Sweets
Favorite Color: Red
Game She's Best At: FF7
Personality: Optimistic
Favorite Seme type: Intelligent with glasses
Favorite Uke type: Rambunctious, or Likes oyaji
Likes: Somewhat shota

Japan's most popular BL manga artist. Since the moment of her debut, she has fascinated fans with her beautiful characters and dramatic stories, making history in the BL world with her sales numbers. Even now, she continues to always re-set those records.
Has also done illustrations for a number of novels.


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