Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: みのり
    Website: http://www.minori.ph/
    Minori (みのり) is a Japanese visual novel company (previously the software division of CoMixWave until April 2007) which created the games Bittersweet Fools, Wind: A Breath of Heart, Haru no Ashioto and Angel Type. Their latest game as of 2007 is Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. Their most successful game is Wind, which has had a manga, TV animation series, and original video animation based on it. Quite a few of their games' opening movies are animated by Makoto Shinkai. Their name is said to be derived from their own catch phrase, "We always keep minority spirit" (pronunciation is different, though). (Source: Wikipedia)

    Core members of minori:
    Nobukazu Sakai, aka nbkz (Producer, Director, Song Lyricist, Concept Planner) 
    Makoto Shinkai (Animation Movie Director) 
    Mikage (Director, Planner, and Scenario Writer) 
    Tenmon (Music Composer) 
    Tatsuya Yūki (Character Designer, Line Producer) 
    Mitsuishi Shona (Character Designer) 
    Kimchee (Character Designer/core member of Haru no Ashioto, not minori itself.) 
    2C Galore (Character Designer/core member of Ef, not minori itself.) 
    Naru Nanao (Character Designer/core member of Ef, not minori itself.) 

    Also includes a scenario writer, Kagami, Yuu.