Alternate names: 来楽 零
    Birthday: Unknown
    Given name: 壁井ユカコ
    Website: http://teamgora.com/
    A group of seven authors who aim to create works that can be enjoyed by everyone. Each member is represented by a color.

    GoRA's members are:

    Miyazawa Tatsuki 宮沢龍生 (Red): The leader of the group.

    Azano Kouhei あざの耕平 (Green): The light novelist of BLACK BLOOD BROTHERS, Tokyo Ravens and others.

    Kabei Yukako 壁井ユカコ (Yellow): The light novelist of Kieli and The Sleepy Residents of Birdcage Manor.

    Furuhashi Hideyuki 古橋秀之 (Blue): The light novelist of K SIDE:BLUE, Black Rod and others.

    Rairaku Rei 来楽零 (Pink): The light novelist of K SIDE:RED and Kanashimi Chimera. Is the story planner for K: Memory of Red.

    Suzuki Suzu 鈴木鈴 (Orange): The light novelist of Thunder Girl! and others.

    Takahashi Yashichirou 高橋弥七郎 (Black): The light novelist of Shakugan no Shana and others.


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