Miyuki Abe
    Miyuki Abe
    Birthday: Jan 4, 1972
    Family name: あべ
    Given name: 美幸
    Website: http://abemiyuki.blog.fc2.com/
    Birth Place: Japan
    Zodiac: Capricorn
    Blood type: B
    Published with Tousuisha for years, but recently parted ways and now draws for Kadokawa magazines.

    During 2010, she was on hiatus because she was republishing her old manga, in which she was retaining the original plot and updating the artwork. Alongside with publishing in Kadokawa Shoten, her work is also published in Emerald which is a collaborative shoujo/BL manga magazine with Nakamura Shungiku (author of the renowned Junjou Romantica and more recently, Hybrid Child) originated from the manga Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

    She mentioned in her website that she's a fan of incest.

    Not to be confused with another Abe Miyuki (阿部みゆき) who is an animator.