Akino Kondoh
    Akino Kondoh
    Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
    Birthday: 1980
    Family name: 近藤
    Given name: 聡乃
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AkinoKondoh
    Website: http://akinokondoh.com/
    KONDOH Akino was born in Chiba in 1980 and graduated from Tama University Department of Graphic Design in 2003. In 2000, Kondoh won 2nd AX Manga Newcomer's Award / Encouragement Award (Seirin Kogeisha) with manga "Kayoko Kobayashi", and in 2002 her animation “The Evening Traveling”, on which girls dance rhythmically to the music by Toshiaki Chiku (former member of music group, Tama), brought her Grand Prix for DIGISTA AWARDS 2002 / Animation Division. Her drawing is known for a fine and delicate touch with a mechanical pencil.

    She recently made approach to oil painting and the second manga book “Itumo no hanashi”(Seirin Kogeisha) has been published in 2008.
    She lives and works in New York since 2008.