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Sayaka Yamazaki
Sayaka Yamazaki
Alternate names: 山崎 紗也夏, 沖 さやか, Sayaka Oki
Birthday: Aug 1, 1974
Family name: 山崎
Given name: さやか
Hometown: Tochigi Prefecture

Debuted in September 1993, in the Young Magazine special edition "Dash" with Gunjou." In the same year, she was awarded with the 28th Chiba Tetsuya Honorable Mention Award with the work [i]Miss Cast[/b]."

Her representation works are Haruka 17, Frozen, Nanase, Tokyo Kazoku, Minus" and Mother Lucy."

She changed her name twice throughout her career. She was originally named Oki Sayaka (沖 さやか) which was changed into Yamazaki Sayaka (山崎 さやか), and later Yamazaki Sayaka (山崎 紗也夏).