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Asou Izumi
Asou Izumi
Birth place: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Birthday: Nov 14, 1960
Family name: 麻生
Given name: いずみ
Gender: Female
Blood type: B
Zodiac: Scorpio

Izumi Aso debuted in the early 1980s in Margaret Magazine with "NY de dokkiri!". As a manga artist, Aso focused on the style of drawing that gives the impression that the drawn figures are going to pop out of the pages.

In late 1985 Aso began working on the manga series "Hikari no Densetsu," which would become the "masterpiece" of her career as a manga artist. Aso, a former competitive gymnast herself, used her personal experiences as well her training as a manga artist specializing on the art of movement to bring a solid depth to her drawings of gymnastics in the Hikari no Densetsu series.