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Dr. Ten
Dr. Ten
Birthday: Unknown
Given name: Dr.天
Website: http://www.k2.dion.ne.jp/~dr.ten/
Alternative name: Shounen Kyouso The stories by "Doctor Heaven" mainly cover the fantasy, mystic or parapsychologic genre—but the main part is still yaoi. The mangaka also likes to draw a lot of shota manga of the hard kind. The drawings are very straight with few use of textures which makes the artworks to real graphic masterpieces. All who love fantasy and wicked character should read Dr. Ten's stories. Many of her works were released in popular hard-yaoi anthologies like "Stinger," "Junichi Real" and the shota magazine "X-Kids." There are also some doujinshi to series like "Prince of Tennis," "Trigun," ... and originals, also hentai (lolicon). The character-design of the boyslove game "Gakuen Prince" was also Dr. Ten's creation.