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Shinobu Kaitani

Shinobu Kaitani

Birth Place: Kagoshima, Japan
Birthday: Sep 24, 1967
Family name: 甲斐谷
Given name: 忍
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mangakap
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Libra

He received the prestigious Tezuka Prize in 1991 for Mou Hitori no Boku (Another Me). In 1993, his series Suisan Police Gang was serialized in Shoukan Shounen Jump. In 1995, he co-illustrated the series Sommelier in the magazine Manga Allman to great acclaim. His baseball series One Outs, ended its run in Business Jump with 20 tankoubon released. Oda Eiichiro worked as his assistant for a while.

Weekly Young Jump's Liar Game, his most popular work to date, has been adapted into two seasons of a highly-rated drama series as well as a forthcoming movie.

Hobbies: horses, travel
Special skill: calligraphy, spoon bending


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