Mitsuru Adachi
    Mitsuru Adachi
    Alternate names: 安达充, 安達 充
    Birthday: Feb 9, 1951
    Blood Type: AB
    Family name: あだち
    Gender: Male
    Given name: 充
    Hometown: Isezaki, Gunma Prefecture, Japan
    Zodiac: Aquarius
    He debut with "Kieta bakuon" (The Faded Explosion), which appeared in Shonen Sunday DX of 1970. In 1980, Touch and Nine became really popular and made him one of the most famous mangaka not only in Japan but also in other asian countries.'

    He got married in 1985.

    He has his own baseball team, Vitamin A.

    Younger brother of ADACHI Tsutomu who died of stomach cancer on June 18, 2004.

    Nakahara Yuu and Tanabe Yellow were once his assistants.

       (1970) Comic debut with Kieta Bakoun
       (1983) Won the Shogakukan Manga Award
       (2009) Won the Shogakukan Manga Award


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