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Jiro Matsumoto

Jiro Matsumoto

Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan
Birthday: Aug 20, 1970
Blog: http://gaaaaaaaaa.exblog.jp/
Family name: 松本
Given name: 次郎
Hometown: Mie, Japan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/miita76956668
Website: http://matsumotojiro.web.fc2.com/index.html
Blood type: A
Zodiac: Leo

Jiro Matsumoto is a Japanese manga artist known for his work on Freesia, Uncivilized Planet, Keep on Vibrating, Wendy, Avant-Pop Mars, Little Feet, A Revolutionist in the Afternoon and Tropical Citron. Most of his manga contain extreme amounts of sex and violence.

He Graduated from Sculpture Department Faculty of Musashino Art University molding in 1992. Was a assistant to manga-ka Hukuyama Youzi, who was unsatisfied with Jiro because he was too sloppy to put a screen tone. Brother of Manga-ka Taro Matsumoto who is a devout Christian. Jiro is also a big fan of the animated show The Simpsons.

Jiro is also a member of the Miro Dance Theatre, frequently playing guitar renditions there; themed in funk.