NEMIRI Nicolas
    NEMIRI Nicolas
    Associated Names: Nicholas Nemiri
    Birth Place: France
    Birthday: Unknown
    He started drawing "Bandes Dessinées" (French comics) through reading them throughout his youth and later attending an art school in Angrem for three years immediately after graduating from highschool. Upon graduation from the art school, he suddenly decided at the age of twenty that he wanted to "see the world" and stopped drawing to embark on a three-year tour. In 1998, his mother, anxious for his future to begin, sent his work to French manga publications and he received his first recognition by manga editors. After that, he took a new step forward as a manga artist and started work drawing children's books, CD jackets, and posters. In the early 90s, he became interested in Japanese anime and manga, and he recently migrated to Tokyo and is studying very seriously as of late. He's currently doing the series "Je Suis Morte", which is published by GLENAT (France).