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Benkyo Tamaoki

Benkyo Tamaoki

Birth place: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthday: Apr 6, 1973
Blog: http://tamaokibenkyo.blogspot.com
Family name: 玉置
Given name: 勉強
Tumblr: @tamaokibenkyozakki
Twitter: @TamaokiBenkyoo
Website: http://get-ugly.jp/pornostar/
pixiv: #17548743
Current residence: Tokyo, Japan

He makes hentai manga. But not "just" the kind of hentai manga that features as much overt sex as possible and little realistic storyline. Tamaoki's stories display a great sense of psychological detail, and usually end in a refreshing way. He says about his work: "I want to create hentai manga that convey a feeling of everyday life".

His first collection was 'Ero-i Hon' ('Erotic-ish Book') in 1995. His manga has been published in many magazines, and also been published in the USA. One of his best known manga is 'Blood: the Last Vampire'.

His real name is SUMI Toshihiko.

He also has a solo music project Jarimichi.


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