Atsushi Suzumi
    Atsushi Suzumi
    Birthday: Apr 24, 1978
    Gender: Female

    She is a manga artist and illustrator. She's been drawing since she was in kindergarten, but the first time she picked up manga pens was in the fourth grade. The manga artists' who inspired her were Akira Toriyama and Mutsumi Inomata.

    She uses G pens, maru pens, and pilot ink. But when it comes to color illustrations, she goes digital. She scans the ink illustrations and uses Painter7 to color them.

    Things she likes:

    Pictures, music, clothes, hats, walking, and the charming sights of the four seasons. Profiles. One-piece dresses. Winter -- She loves putting her scarf on! Cats. Glasses (black-rimmed ones are the best!). Dandy middle-aged men and old men characters. Live music (punk, rock, etc.). Cafe Ole. Cute packaging and make-up. Elegant cafes and coffee houses.