Minami Ozaki
    Minami Ozaki
    Alternate names: 南亮, MINAMI Ryo, MINAMI Ryou
    Birth Place: Kanagawa Prefecture, Hiratsuka, Japan
    Birthday: Feb 27, 1968
    Family name: 尾崎
    Given name: 南
    Website: http://www.kreuz-net.com/
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: O
    Zodiac: Pisces
    Circle(s): Kreuz

    Minami Ozaki's real name is Ryo Minami (南亮). Said to be the "queen of doujinshi", Minami Ozaki is one of the most eminent shoujo mangaka of the 4th generation of shoujo-manga. Her debut work was "Chuusei no akashi" (Proof of loyalty), published in 1988 on Margaret. The following year, her work 3 Days was published in Margaret No.6. (Both of these can be found in Zetsuai -1989- volume 5.) At the same year (1989), she started Zetsuai -1989- and became very popular. She is now working on the sequel, Bronze -Zetsuai since 1989-. In an interview, she said she had never previously thought of being a mangaka. She describes herself as a willful, negative, conservative, petty, gloomy, niggardly, nervous, forgetful, untruthful, anxious, asking-for-trouble, self-destructive, boring person.