Hye-Kyung Baek
    Hye-Kyung Baek
    Birthday: Mar 25,
    Family name: 백
    Given name: 혜경
    Zodiac: Aries
    Gender: Female
    Also spelled: Baek, Hye-Kyoung (HyeKyoung; Hye Kyoung).
    Also: Baek, Hae Kyung (Hae-Kyung; HaeKyung)
    Also: Baek, HyeKyung (Hye Kyung).
    Also once misspelled as Beak, Hye-Kyoung.
    Also wrote Pastel Green Spell and Spring Spring.

    Some quotes:
    "If they're my type and we've got the same philosophy and they're youthful, pretty young men, I'm willing to sell my soul to get them... snicker."
    She gets ideas from "goofing around".
    As a manwha artist, she is most "happy when people enjoy my work, and I'm saddest when what I'm doing seems empty and pointless".
    Favorite manwha/manga artist or author: "I have a lot but my favorite is Urasawa Naoki."
    From Ice Kunion edition of Bring it on!, Volume 3.