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Wan Kit Lau
Wan Kit Lau
Birth Place: Hong Kong, China
Birthday: Unknown
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mysterystudio.lauwankit
Family name: 劉
Given name: 雲傑
Gender: Male

Lau Wan Kit,also known as Jeffrey Lau, is a comic artist from Hong Kong.

Lau joined the comics business field as a comics assistant in 1985, and became an artist in 1988 with his first work Anti-ROCK in "Comics For City People". In 1991, he had his first Collection Interlude (段段情濃), and became the symbol of local love comics. Feel 100% of 1992 was a great success and changed his comics business. It has been adapted into movies and online dramas. 

His work Feel 100% won the International Manga Award that Japanese Government sponsored in 2008.