Alternate names: Curry Bear
    Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: 카레곰
    Currygom is the alias of a mysterious Korean author responsible for creating, writing and illustrating the webtoon Kubera. Along with Kubera, she also wrote and illustrated the one-shot Myum-Myum, as well as wrote a side-novel of Kubera entitled The Finite.

    Not much is known about Currygom, but most of the fans believe that Currygom is female, and she already confirmed this herself in one of her Me2Day posts. She is also of Korean descent, and has a residence there. She says she decided to call herself Currygom because she likes curry and she looks like a bear. Currygom has a blog on Naver, where she frequently posts important information about Kubera, cooking recipes, music and many other things.She banned people from using her Kubera characters as extras in fan fiction and she also banned R-rated art. Despite the fact that she does not like Yaoi fan fiction, she did not ban it. When she get tired she draws herself as a white version of her character.


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