Ya-Seong Ko
    Ya-Seong Ko
    Birthday: Oct 20, 1977
    Gender: Female
    Other names: Kouya Hoshi; Ko Yasung; Go Ya Seong

    Got her start by winning Special Recognition in the Daewon Super Manhwa Contest.

    In 1999, she debuted as a colorist in the editorial department.

    Here are some notes directly from the artist:

    "At one point in my life, I had numerous opportunities to acquire a better job than that of a manhwa-ga (manga creator) and, honestly speaking, every time an opportunity arose, I was at least a little tempted. My shortcomings as a manhwa-ga were the obvious reason for my dilemma ... well, that and how cruel reality had become. The job of a manhwa-ga was completely different than what I had imagined and, aside from the idea of drawing Korean manhwa in inferior surroundings, the thought of drawing only the type of manhwa that the masses desired was not what I really wanted to do."

    "After two futile years, my very first manhwa was published. However, just like the tumultuous beginning of my career, my first work was very, very difficult to create. As I take my first step in what appears to be a long journey, please keep me in your thoughts so that I might endure."

    "Currently, I also make dolls (known as jointed-spherical-dolls). I've been tinkering with them for practice but my dolls are nothing compared to the dolls of the professionals. Although it's an expensive hobby, it's a lot more fun than making pramodels."

    "P.S.: Many of you have asked whether Madame Batolli is modeled after me, and the answer is yes. (Isn't it obvious?)"