Miki Miyashita
    Miki Miyashita
    Birthday: Jul 16
    Gender: Female
    Other names: Tomogatsute; Kyougetsutei
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikimiyashita
    Website: http://www.saturn.dti.ne.jp/~m-miki/

    Blood type: A

    Zodiac: Cancer

    Residence: Kanagawa, Japan

    Circle name: Kyougetsutei (共月邸) Previously written as 共月亭, but same reading.

    Her circle made male-oriented doujinshi and previously she also had two tankoubon format adult manga titles.

    Current works including manga author and novel illustrator. Also contributes for Aquarian Age card game illustrations and illustrator collumn in Game Japan magazine.

    Still actively participating in various doujinshi events.