Atsuko Ishida
    Atsuko Ishida
    Birthday: Unknown
    Family name: 石田
    Given name: 敦子
    Ishida Atsuko was born August 9, 1963 in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan. She works as animator, character designer, illustrator and mangaka. She did illustration work for several adult games under the name of Ijuuin Mariko (伊集院マリ子).

    When being in first grade of high school she saw by chance the cover of an issue of anime magazine Animage, which was drawn by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu. Impressed by that she made it her aim to work for the animation industry. She joined Kaname Productions in January 1983. There she was being influenced by Kanada Yoshinori and Inomata Mutsumi. In 1988 uppon Kaname Pro going out of business she became freelancer.

    She co-founded Studio G-1 Neo together with her ex-husband Oobari Masami.

    After 2000 she changed her line of work to mostly writing manga.