Kotaro Isaka
    Kotaro Isaka
    Birthday: May 25, 1971
    Family name: 伊坂
    Given name: 幸太郎
    Born in Chiba, lives in Sendai.
    He graduated with a degree in law and had a career as a system engineer before writing his first work, Akuto-Tachi ga Meni Shimiru (Rogues Get in Your Eyes), which won a commendation for the Suntory Grand Prize of Mystery in 1996. 
    Audubon no Inori (The Prayer of Audubon) won the Shincho Grand Prize of Mystery, Ahiru to Kamo no Coin Locker (A Duck and a Wild Duck in the Same Locker) won the Eiji Yoshihara Prize for best new author, and Shinigami no Seido (Accuracy of the Grim Reaper) won the Japanese Authors Association of Mystery Award, in the short story category.

    Was also the recipient of the 57th Mystery Writers of Japan Award and the 21th Prize Yamamoto Syuugorou (第21回山本周五郎賞).