Hiroshi Motomiya
    Hiroshi Motomiya
    Birthday: Jun 25, 1947
    Gender: Male
    Motomiya Hiroshi became known in the manga world when he started a series called Otoko Ippiki Gakidaisho in 1968. The series was a big hit, and the story is about Mankichi Togawa who becomes a leader of a big gang of people attracted to the way he fights. In 1973, he published Shunrai on Weekly Playboy, which marked his debut in young men's magazine. In all of his works, his characters include men who have strong individual traits and steadfast philosophies on life. The themes vary from politics, economics, yakuza gangs, education system, and religion, and with a clear-cut and dynamic style, he uncovers the basic nature of man and society.
    The author is married to Morita Jun.
    Tetsuya Saruwatari used to be his assistant.