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Nie Jun
Nie Jun
Birthday: July 5, 1975
Given name: 聂峻
Gender: Male
Zodiac: Cancer

Born in Qing Dao (Shan Dong district), he is graduated from Fine Arts Institute of China. In 1995, thanks to support of professor WANG Yongsheng, he started to specialize his production in comics and illustrations. In 2000, he gained a platine medal in AGFA international award for young designers. He has published his first comic in China, "Diu Diu", in 2002.

He his working now on a more realistic and darker story, "My street" (5 tomes are forecasted). Published first in Europe, the first tome has finally been launched in China in September 2008. Always eager to improve himself, he easily creates in black and white as well as in colour. He received a Golden Dragon during the Guangzhou Festival in 2008, for his short story "A fish" published by Xiao Pan in "Beijing chronicles".